Opening of a new CERIC-ERIC competition (Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium)

The CERIC-ERIC consortium announces an open call for proposals for access to modern equipment, including two new laboratories: an ultraviolet laser (ULF-FORTH) at the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Heraklion (Crete, Greece) and radiation sources for X-ray absorption spectroscopy LISA @ ESRF Institute of Materials Processing, Trieste (Italy). To provide free access to this equipment, applications should be submitted at: https://vuo.elettra.tries... - provided that the results of the research are published in accordance with CERIC rules. In addition to access to tools and laboratories, CERIC offers support for the mobility of scientists, open access publications, and more.

Deadline for applications: October 1, 2020. Applications for this competition will be considered in one stage, without an intermediate stage of revision and correction.

Due to COVID-19 emergencies and the specific nature of the pandemic in some countries, some institutions that are part of this pan-European research infrastructure may offer to carry out measurements remotely - by sending samples by mail. The possibility of performing remote measurements must be indicated in the application form.

Researchers from Ukraine can apply for preferential open access under the ACCELERATE project of the Horizon 2020 program to personally support the preparation of proposals, performance of measurements, as well as analysis and publication of results, which involves Uzhgorod National University.

More information is available at: - or can be obtained directly at:

CERIC integrates state-of-the-art research infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe to support the development of science and industry in the field of materials, biomaterials and nanotechnologies, and provides open access to this infrastructure. The joint use of the leading national research infrastructures of European countries allows to find innovative solutions to social problems in the fields of energy, healthcare, nutrition, cultural heritage, etc. CERIC-ERIC provides access through a single entry point to more than 50 samples of sophisticated modern technological equipment located in 9 European countries. A detailed description of other CERIC features can be found at:

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