У Києві відкриється перший «Музей науки»!

Already in autumn the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine will open the first interactive space "Museum of Science" in the capital of Ukraine!

Here you can ride a bike with square wheels, go on a space trip, see a two-meter hologram and a 60-kilogram crystal, make water and salt from atoms in augmented reality, learn how the human body is built. In total, more than 120 interactive exhibits and installations are waiting for visitors.

Teams from Ukraine, Canada, the USA, Poland and Sweden worked on the exposition, which consists of 7 blocks. In particular, the exhibition "Strange Matter" of the Canadian Ontario Science Center, one of the most famous scientific and research centers in the world, is presented here. The exhibitions "Great Inventions", "Man", "Acoustics" and "Optics" were developed especially for the "Museum of Science" by the Polish company Strong Interactions, whose team worked on the creation of the famous Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. And one of the key exhibits came to Kyiv from the Museum of Mathematics in New York. This is a tricycle with square wheels, there are only four of them in the world.
The organizers describe the concept of the project in one word - "spectrum". Spectrum of sciences, discoveries and impressions: from launching a lightning bolt in a Tesla coil and controlling a handgun to the ability to see your own voice, get inside a giant shell and into a mirror tunnel with an optical illusion. A separate area of space will be dedicated to Ukrainian scientists. The largest interactive exhibit will be a glass ceiling that changes color when visitors enter the correct answers to questions from the field of science on tablets.

The Museum of Science was established by the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in collaboration with the Gres Todorchuk Agency and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Fedoriv worked on the project's identity, and the pavilion's architecture was created by the MONO Architects team.
During the quarantine, the space provides enhanced security measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, namely: entry in masks, limiting the number of visitors through the early purchase of tickets with a fixed time, disinfection of interactive elements of exhibits and other surfaces.

According to the VDNG website.